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Welcome to the web site of Troop 369! Our troop can provide you and your son the opportunity to participate in activities that are not available to many other boys of his age.  The goal of our troop and the Boy Scouts of America Program is to build our Scouts into successful young men of exceptional honor and character. The Boy Scouts of America Program will also provide our Scouts with ample opportunities to improve their teamwork and leadership skills.   

See why you won't be disappointed when you join us for fun and adventure!

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Troop Meeting - Tuesday 9-15-20

Posted by scampanella on Sep 20 2020 - 11:37pm

Are you ready for a great outdoor meeting!  Join us on Tuesday for  meeting at our new canopy.  we look forward to meeting everyone outside. We will meet in the parking lot closest to the football/soccer field.  

The troop will be gathering in person tonight.  Please adhere to the following requirements:


 If you are sick stay home.

  • If you are considered high risk, please stay home.
  • When dropping off youth we ask that parents remain in their cars until their youth undergoes the health screening. 
    • If your youth does not have a fever then you are free to leave. 
    • If your youth has a fever then he must leave with you and cannot participate.
    • If there is a question that your youth cannot answer as part of the med check then we will ask you to answer and sign the med form.
  • When returning to pick up your youth please remain in your car and have your youth come to you.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available.
  • Please have your youth wear a face mask, it is required at all events – both indoors and outdoors.


 Please use common sense and judgement at all events.  We will do our best to minimize physical contact and maintain adequate social distancing.  If they want to sit- bring a camp chair.


 Please keep in mind the potential consequences of attending a scouting event if you or your youth are ill.  It is better for you to remain home a week rather than jeopardize the viability of the troop and everyone else’s health. 

Camping Trip - Valley Forge Camp and paddle October 9-11

Posted by scampanella on Sep 17 2020 - 8:06am
Adventure Leadership

While we wont be staying at the waters edge this year we will get to enjoy a day on the river.  This year we will paddle down the Schuylkill river for about 7 miles and disembark near the Betzwood Bridge.  From there we will return to camp at the Evansburg State Park Campground where the scouts will relax and prepare dinner.  There will be plenty of time to regroup and catch up.  We will probably be on the river for about 3.5 hours.

Since we were unable to complete the swim test last spring we are going to use the honor system.  If you have completed the swim test in the past and you feel comfortable taking this trip then you may attend.  all participants will be wearing life jackets.  

Camping Trip - East Greenville September 25-27

Posted by scampanella on Sep 13 2020 - 5:51pm


Welcome back!  Our first camping trip of the new season brings us to an old favorite. Lets join the troop and head to East Greenville to the familiarity of Troop 108's cabin.   

This will be a low key trip where the scouts will focus on personal development and play games.

During this trip we will spend a few moments planning the spring trips.

Fellowship Skills development


Welcome Back!

Posted by scampanella on Sep 6 2020 - 1:13pm

Scout Families,

This week is our second week back of physical meetings!  Thats right this Tuesday September 8 will be our next in person gathering.  Everyone is required to wear a mask and be subjected to a med check.  We will be playing kick ball outside so please wear your Class B's.  The outdoor tent has not yet arrived and is delayed with an expected arrival of September 12. 

Our goal is to have all the proper protocols and procedures prepared for the month of September.  August will be a quiet month as we prepare for the fall.  My hope is to schedule an outdoor Court of Honor as a make up event for last May.  Many things will need to fall in place for this to happen successfully and safely but i am aiming for mid september.  The date is not set at this time so please stand by.  

Completed - This Tuesday we will begin youth leadership training known as ILST (Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops).  The event will likely be held outside at the Campanella house.  Due to the current pandemic we will need to conduct a brief health screening upon arrival.  If you are sick or have a fever please refrain from attending.  Masks will be required.  Expected attendees are Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders, Patrol Leaders, and other youth positions of responsibility.  

Attached are the new attendance guidelines for the Fall.  Please familiarize yourself with the requirements.

Virtual Merit Badge

Posted by johngoehringer on Jul 1 2020 - 8:04pm

NOTE This course will be starting on 6/24/2020.  


Counselors: (Mr. Goehringer & Mrs. Huff)

Starting: 6/24/2020

Meeting times:  WEDNESDAY 7:00–7:45 PM


  1. Taylor Dantonio
  2. Jacob Garcia
  3. Seth Huff
  4. Tristan Mineo
  5. Alex Sible
  6. Daniel Sible

Virtual Merit Badge

Posted by scampanella on Jun 25 2020 - 7:54am


Counselors: (Mr. Imgrund & Mr. Whitehawk)

Starting: 6/8/2020

Meeting times:  MONDAY 7:30–8:15 PM


  1. Jacob Garcia
  2. Brian Imgrund
  3. Eric Mason
  4. Ryan Mason
  5. Connor Szczepkowicz
  6. Logan Szczepkowicz

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